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Published on 11/11/2021

The latest issue of Oceania - Volume 91, Issue 3 - is now available online.


On the Backside of a Wave: An Obituary for a Star – Marshall Sahlins (December 27, 1930–April 5, 2021)
Frederick H. Damon
Pages: 322-329 | First Published:08 November 2021


Talanoa Dialogue at UN Climate Change Meetings: The Extraordinary Encompassment of a Scale‐Climbing Pacific Speech Genre
Stuart Kirsch
Pages: 330-348 | First Published:30 September 2021

It is Christ or Corruption in Papua New Guinea: Bring in the Witness!
Anthony J. Pickles, Priscila Santos da Costa
Pages: 349-366 | First Published:12 October 2021

A Research Note on Laterality and Lineality in Austronesian Relationship Terminologies
James J. Fox
Pages: 367-374 | First Published:25 October 2021


Farmers or Hunter‐Gatherers? The Dark Emu Debate. By Sutton, Peter & Walshe, Keryn. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press. 2021.Pp: 288. Price: US$ 34.99
Peter Bellwoodt
Pages: 375-376 | First Published:08 November 2021

Gardens of Gold: Place‐Making in Papua New Guinea. By Halvaksz, Jamon Alex. Seattle, NJ: University of Washington Press. 2020. Pp: xv + 226. Price: US$ 30.00
Sophie Chao
Pages: 377 | First Published:08 November 2021

Phone & Spear: A Yuṯa Anthropology. By Miyarrka Media (Paul Gurrumuruwuy, Jennifer Deger, Enid Guruŋulmiwuy, Warren Balpatji, Meredith Balanydjarrk, James Ganambarr, Kayleen Djingadjingawuy). Cambridge, MA and London, UK: MIT Press (for Goldsmiths Press). 2019. Pp: xxvii + 260. Price: $21.95
Faye Ginsburg
Pages: 378-379 | First Published:08 November 2021