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AASNet is moving to a new platform

 | Published on 6/5/2020

This is a very important message to all AASNet subscribers: the ANU mailman list called AASNet is closing. It is replaced by a new forum of the same but hosted on a different platform. To ensure a smooth transition, please read the below information carefully and have your new subscription sorted by the deadline: Monday, 20 July 2020.

Why is AASNet moving?

To date, AASNet has functioned as a “mailman list” provided by the ANU. While it has served the anthropology community well since 2005, it is by now a bit outdated. Our new platform is going to solve many of the existing problems, including:
  • The terrible delivery format of messages (all those weird attachments)
  • The accidental emailing-to-all of confidential information (two alike email addresses / but not alike in dignity)
  • Perpetual confusion about what AASnet has to do with the AAS (it’s carried our name all these years but has not actually been managed by us)

Where is AASNet moving to?

The home of AASNet is now - this is a new and powerful discussion forums website, provided by the AAS to facilitate communications about all things anthropology.

This new forums website ( is separate from but also linked to the main AAS website ( This configuration was chosen so that, as a separate website, non-members can still participate in forums hosted by the AAS. At the same time, because it is also linked to the main website, AAS members no longer have to manage two separate accounts.

At the moment, AASNet is the only forum available to members. However, the new forums website has the capacity to host multiple forums, so eventually we expect that AASNet will be one of many forums.

For full details about AAS Forums you can read this background page and have a look at this example forum post. The highlights are:
  • AAS members have automatic and full access to the forums website and your login details for both the forums website and the main AAS website are the same
  • Non-AAS members are welcome to sign up for forums participation (there will be a small annual fee to cover costs of site hosting)
  • It is possible to create multiple forums, which can be set up to function as online and email-based forums (like AASNet has been working only better)
  • Forums participants can submit requests for dedicated forums e.g. for specific topics, purposes or sub-groups
  • All participants are subject to the moderation rules (AAS members and non-members alike)

What does this mean for you?

For AAS members: You don’t need to do anything, you have already been subscribed to AASNet on the new forums website.

It is via your Profile on the main AAS site ( that you can manage everything related to your membership: you can view and update your contact details, reset your password, view your transaction history and any payments due, and also manage your Directory listings and Forums subscriptions and preferences.

To manage your AASNet (and other) forum subscriptions and preferences you should login to the main AAS site ( and navigate to your Profile (top right). Then, select Forum General Preferences or Forum Memberships: you can choose what forums you are subscribed to, whether or not you receive forum posts via email, and the delivery frequency of such emails (e.g. immediate email for each post or a daily digest). The preferences you set here on the main AAS site will populate through to the forums website, as they are linked.

You will only need to access the forums site if you wish to view or participate in the forums online. If you are participating in forums only by email then accessing the forums website will not be necessary for you.

For non-AAS members: We are offering a 1-month free trial of forums participation. Please click here to access the sign up form or navigate to and select “Forums Signup”. After signing up you will receive an email with more instructions.

How will the new AASNet forum work?

Once subscribed, you can participate in the AASNet forum in two ways:
  1. You can view, post and reply to messages on AASNet directly via the website Simply login and then select AASNet from the list of forums. Select ‘Start New Thread’ to start a new discussion topic, or navigate to an already existing post and select ‘Reply’ to respond. Either way, whatever you post online will also be sent to all AASNet subscribers via email;
  2. You can also receive, post and reply to messages on AASNet via email. If you receive someone else’s post via email, simply hit reply to respond. To create a new post, simply create a new email message and send it to Either way, whatever messages you send via email will also be posted online.
Please remember that the deadline for sorting your new subscription is Monday, 20 July 2020 (after that, the ANU mailman list will be inactive).

If you have any issues be sure to let Jo know via - we can fix it!