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Invitation to join the Health Anthropology Forum

Published on 7/30/2020

The Health Anthropology discussion forum welcomes medical anthropologists, anthropologists interested in and/or working in health-related fields, clinicians and health workers interested in anthropology and ethnography, and anyone interested in sociocultural perspectives on health and the intersections between health beliefs and practices.

This is an open forum - all interested AAS members and forums participants are welcome to join!

How to join the Health Anthropology Forum

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to your Profile (top right corner of computer screen)
  3. Click on Forum Memberships (in the box titled Forums)
  4. Opt in to the Health Anthropology Forum
  5. From your Profile you may also like to click on Forum General Preferences and set your forum delivery and other preferences
  6. Finally, please be sure to add to your email contacts list. This is the email address that routes forum posts to your inbox; adding this as an approved sender will protect against spam filters and ensure you don't miss forum posts. Not sure how to do that? Here are some instructions for different email clients.

How to participate in the Health Anthropology Forum

The Health Anthropology Forum has been setup as an online discussion forum and as a mailman list. The email address for the forum is The subject line of all emails to this forum will start with the tag [healthanth]. 

In more detail:

Online: you can view, post and reply to forum messages online. Simply login to and select the Health Anthropology Forum from the list of forums. Select ‘Start New Thread’ to start a new discussion topic, or navigate to an already existing post and select ‘Reply’ to respond. Whatever you post online will also be sent to all forum subscribers via email (unless they’ve opted out of receiving emails via their Profile);

Email: you can also receive, post and reply to messages via email. If you receive someone else’s post via email, simply hit reply to respond. To create a new post, simply create a new email message and send it to  Whatever messages you send via email will also be posted online.

Need help?

Contact Jo, the AAS Administrator, directly at