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Congratulations to Engaged Anthropology 2022 Winner!

Christopher Marcatili | Published on 4/26/2022

The Australian Anthropological Society is delighted to award the 2022 Engaged Anthropology Prize to Dr. Hanne Worsoe for the project “How anthropology explains the effects of Australian asylum seeker policy.”
In this project, Hanne will collaborate with Rani (pseudonym), a young Tamil woman who underwent "fast track" refugee recognition in 2015, to document and disseminate the everyday experience of asylum seekers affected by Australia’s refugee processing system. Together, Hanne and Rani will develop a series of non-traditional engaged outputs (essays and podcasts) that highlight the power of collaborative ethnography as a method for exploring lived experiences of structural inequality and as a tool for policy analysis and reform.
These outputs and associated collaborative research processes promise to significantly increase the visibility, impact, and relevance of anthropology beyond the discipline. They will further enhance public understanding of Australia’s new refugee recognition system and its excision of natural justice and human rights.