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Call for Papers: Religion and Spirituality in Everyday Life

Christopher Marcatili | Published on 2/27/2023
Open Theology invites submissions for the Special Issue "Religion and Spirituality in Everyday Life," edited by Joana Bahia (State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and Cecilia Bastos (National Museum of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil María Pilar García Bossio, UCA-CONICET, Argentina).

This Special Issue seeks to put in dialogue research focusing on religious and spiritual practices that take place outside institutional frameworks and in people’s everyday lives. The editors are interested in the presence of new spiritualities in daily life, whether understood as re-readings or even breaks from religious traditions. Typically, the category of spirituality refers to reinterpretations of spiritual disciplines from external historical-spatial contexts. However, here they may also be understood as appropriations of institutionalised religions that are practiced outside their typical frameworks and, also, possible analogue configurations, but which are understood, implicitly or explicitly, as not religious. 

Researchers are invited to submit papers that contribute to the reflection about the places and contexts where religious and spiritual experiences take place in contemporary societies, which will contribute to widening the limits of what we call “religion” today. Topics may include:
- Manifestations of religious nature or resemblance, such as sacralisation and rituals, that take place outside “temples” and in everyday life. 
- Interpretations and appropriations of religious and/or spiritual symbols in non-traditional practice contexts. 
- Uses and negotiations of the categories of religion and spirituality in specific contexts. 
- Ways in which the religious and/or spiritual shape or transform tangible or intangible heritage in public and private space. 

For more, see contributor instructions.