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Curatorium is a collective of anthropologists, artists, activists, makers, and thinkers. It’s an attempt to create the space for those who work differently to find one another; a shared experiment in creative and critical thinking, that we hope will generate new affirmations and critiques of what anthropology makes possible.

Curatorium aligns with projects that immerse themselves in the questions and challenges of knowledge, while grappling with representations, methodologies of making together, co-creative expressions, and forms that also amplify the many urgent efforts to decolonize the future. We want to look together to find new kinds of traction and relational force in the world… and, by extension, new forms of accountability, and new vectors for potential tension and discord, that unfold both with, and within, the worlds in which we work.

Curatorium has been established by Victoria Baskin Coffey, Jennifer Deger, Sebastian Lowe, and Lisa Stefanoff. In coming together here, we profoundly acknowledge the many First Nations scholars, filmmakers, curators, and artists whose critical-creative engagements continue to both challenge and transform anthropology, radically sharpening our sense of the situated political, ethical aesthetic stakes in such work. We acknowledge too, a great indebtedness and respect for the ground-breaking legacies of Australian anthropology in areas of visual, sensory and media anthropology. It’s our hope to contribute anew to the opening, reconfiguring, and energising of the discipline.

Come join us! Supported by the AAS Executive, we have commenced work on several initiatives that will help us build intergenerational knowledge and networks.

During 2022 and 2023 we will continue to roll out a series of online events hat we call the Curatorium Sessions and Jam Sessions. Past presenters include Anna Tsing, Michael Taussig and Robert Nugent. 

In the meantime, we invite all interested members to join our mailing list by emailing us (at to receive updates on events and other activities.

You can also follow us on Instagram and reach out via e-mail if you have work you’d like to celebrate, share, or put into discussion with our growing Curatorium Collective.

Follow us on Instagram: @c_cltv