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 | Published on 6/6/2020

Latest blog → Blokes and their casual racism by The Familiar Strange Executive producer Matthew Phung

Latest podcast → Ep #59 The Palm Oil Frontier: Sophie Chao & Walking the forest with the Marind People 

Co-founded by anthropology PhD candidates from the Australian National University, The Familiar Strange uses anthropological thinking to explore this time of jarring social, cultural and political messiness. Their aim is to reach out to a wider community about what anthropologists do within and beyond ‘field sites’. They ask anthropologists to bring their tools to bear, and to make anthropological contributions more broadly familiar.

Have a read, have a listen, and consider contributing to the dialogue - comment, give feedback, suggest expert interviewees you’d like to hear from, or submit a blogpost (submission guidelines are on the website).

Follow @TFSTweets on Twitter, like their Facebook page and tag them in your fieldwork photos on Instagram@thefamiliarstrange.

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The Familiar Strange is supported by the Australian Anthropological Society, the American Anthropological Society, and the Australian National University’s Schools of Culture, History and Language, Archeology and Anthropology, and the Centre for Public Awareness of Science.