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Announcing the Engaged Anthropology Grants (R1 2021)

 | Published on 2/18/2021

The AAS is very pleased to announce two grant recipients in this year’s first round of the Engaged Anthropology Fund

Conversations in Anthropology

Conversations in Anthropology is a podcast about life, the universe and anthropology produced by David Boarder Giles, Timothy Neale, Cameo Dalley, Mythily Meher and Matt Barlow. It features interviews with anthropologists and anthropology-adjacent practitioners about their work, the state of the discipline, and the contributions anthropology may make towards pressing contemporary concerns. This podcast has been running since early 2017 with minimal institutional funding and many hours of volunteer time. To the team’s great credit, the podcast has built a substantial following over its 40 episodes so far, broadcasting conversations with a range of scholars including Paige West, Anna Tsing, Elizabeth Povinelli, Ghassan Hage and many others on issues of popular and public interest. 

The Conversations in Anthropology team has been awarded an Engaged Anthropology Grant of AUD$2,000 for the development of a website with new content, with a view to broadening the podcast’s audience and increasing its accessibility. Developing this online presence will create a reliable and easily navigable repository for podcast content, including podcast-related news, publications and—most importantly—transcripts of its anthropological interviews. Such an expanded web presence and readily available textual resources will amplify the visibility and accessibility of the podcast, and by extension increase visibility and accessibility for anthropological research, both among anthropologists and members of the public.

Well done ~ we look forward to seeing the new directions for this project come to fruition!

The Familiar Strange

The Familiar Strange (TFS) is a well-known public anthropology project produced by Alexander D'Aloia, Deanna Cato, Carolyn West, Matthew Phung, Shan Lu, Timothy D Johnson, Clair, and Simon Theobald. Its primary outreach is a weekly podcast and blog, producing high quality content that has built a substantial following, including more than six thousand podcast listens a month across the world, with the audience primarily consisting of people who have an interest in anthropology but do not necessarily practice it in or outside of academia. The main aims of the project are to “to make the strange familiar" and to emphasise the relevance of an anthropological approach in both understanding and addressing complex problems.

The Familiar Strange team has been awarded an Engaged Anthropology Grant of AUD$500 for the transcription of a selection of popular podcasts, which will then be promoted across TFS channels, including social media, the website, blog and podcast. The team at TFS are firm believers that knowledge should be as accessible as possible. While interview and conversational podcasts are an excellent format for accessibility, they have their drawback for those with hearing difficulties or whose level of spoken English makes it difficult to follow an animated conversation. The transcripts will improve accessibility to TFS productions and therefore their ability to make anthropological knowledge more accessible and engaging to an ever growing general audience. Plus, they're great tools for the classroom!

Well done ~ we look forward to tagging and retweeting your transcripts and seeing your impact grow!